Chocobo and Moogle Kupo Final Fantasy IX FF9 Chibi Plushie Amigurumi Stuffed Toy Doll Handmade Softies Gift Baby Crochet Plush Characters

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  • Hello guys! Welcome to nhimconshop!! ^.^

    Do you know that you can send a Chocobo's letter to your lovers with a very cute note inside his bag? Our Chocobo can do that.

    This is a listing for Chocobo & Moogle from Final Fantasy IX which are CAREFULLY made completely by hands. A very cute way to send your message.

    *Please choose to buy a single plush or a combo pack with both plushies for saving your money ♥

    I hope you love this cute couple. They are also a wonderful gift for your friends who loves this game :)

    *** YOU LIKE ANOTHER CHARACTER? Contact us to order ***

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