Windchime- Beautiful white and brown Conch shell holds beads and bell

Shells and bells- Galore
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  • Windchime- Beautiful white and brown Conch shell holds beads and bell.

    From this beautiful conch shell falls 3 strands of beads and shells.

    The conch shell measures about 6 inches by 5 inches. The full length of the windchime is about 23 inches

    which includes a wired beaded hanger of 4 inches. Each strand is created using beaded wire construction for

    strength and long enjoyment. The strands include a variety of seashells strung among beads that are glass, crystal and shell.  A 4 inch bell hangs from one strand.  Each shell found on this piece is a one of a kind, making this a truly unique  piece. Perfect to remember a special trip, a special place or a special person.

    Due to the weight of the material additional postage may be necessary.

    Unless otherwise stated, items listed for sale are ready to ship. 

    Your purchase from Gentle Winds will be shipped within 2 days, using the USPS.

    Custom orders-Available related to color, size or materials may require additional time.

    The individual pieces created by Gentle Winds are meant to please,  not frustrate.

    Returns related to quality, color and/or size may qualify for adjustments as mutually defined. 

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