Sweet Slumber, 5 mL Euro dropper. Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oil blend, Homeopathic

This perfectly crafted aroma will lull you blissfully to sleep helping you feel refreshed and rested to take on the day.
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  • Sweet slumber is just a sniff away using this blend perfectly combined essential oil blend in your favorite diffuser. This perfectly crafted aroma will lull you blissfully to sleep so you can be rested the next day. Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Cedarwood work together to calm you and induce peaceful sleep.
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    • (1) 5 mL Euro dropper
    How to use: Add 2-5 drops to your diffuser before bedtime. Massage soles feet at bedtime to help you wind down from the day and rest peacefully. Add 2-3 drops into hands, briskly rub hands and inhale. Apply to back of ears and temples .

    Ingredients: Lavender essential oil Cedarwood essential oil Ho Wood essential oil Ylang Ylang essential oil Marjoram essential oil Roman Chamomile essential oil Vetiver essential oil Vanilla Bean Absolute Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil Wild Orange essential oil

    These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified, alternative physician and/or the medical professional who's care one is under prior to using these products. The experiences of one or more persons does not guarantee or predict any outcome for any other persons. 

    Please allow 3-5 days for shipment.

    Tracking number available on all packages.

    Due to the personal nature of our products we do not allow returns or exchanges. If you have any questions email us at: sales@safeoils.com

    Care Instructions Store out of direct sunlight. Use on clean skin only to ensure quality of oils or solids. This also prevents bacteria from spreading from one application to the next. Good for 1 year after purchase.
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