Stained Glass Rose

A piece of nature that will not die.
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  • A stained glass rose made to decorate your living space. It can be red just like the real flower or changed to a colour of your choosing. The size is also completely up to you, but keep in mind that the price may change. 

    The glass is soldered together carefully, and a chain is added so that you can hang the rose in your window or on a wall in your home.

    Each piece is different and will vary slightly from the attached picture. I am happy to send pictures of the progress made to the piece you order. 

    Allow yourself to look at the world through a colourful glass. 

    The order you make can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Throughout this time you can recieve pictures of the progressing piece.

    The shipping process can last up to a week in Europe, but can be longer for other continents.

    Seeing as the pieces are all very personalized, I do not accept returns or exchanges unless the piece is damaged.

    The Specifics
    Material The piece is made with glass and soldiered together with metal. A chain is also attached.

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