Stained Glass Angels of Marriage

Two angels sure to look after your relationship with the person you love.
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  • Two angels tasked with looking after your relationship with your one and only.

    The angels can be customised in the desired way. The hair, wings and clothes can be changed to the colour of your choosing. 

    The stained glass piece is soldered together very carefully and can be hung by a metal chain attached.  The size is up to you. Each piece is different and will vary slightly from the attached picture. I am happy to send pictures of the progress made to the piece you order. 

    Allow yourself to look at the world through a colourful glass. 

    The order you make can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Throughout this time you can recieve pictures of the progressing piece.

    The shipping process can last up to a week in Europe, but can be longer for other continents.

    Seeing as the pieces are all very personalized, I do not accept returns or exchanges unless the piece is damaged.

    The Specifics
    Material The stained glass piece is made out of glass and soldiered with metal. A chain is used for it to be able to hang.

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