Door Latch Fabric Cover-Hand Sewn

This cover has elastic bands that go over both door handles, while the fabric covers the door latch! For more details on what these are used for, look in the description tab! Fits most doors! Hand sewn!

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  • This is great for a nursery! Do you ever read to your child, they fall asleep, you try to sneak out and BAM they wake up to the noise of the door latching? This prevents that! This is also great for making sure your kid doesnt lock themselves in a room or for doors that lock by themselves! Care instructions will be included in your package! Please look at "Product Dimensions" under the tab "Specifications" for measurements (width & height)! Product colors may vary slightly!

    Items ship within 1-3 business days through the United States Postal Service. We do not ship outside of the US.

    We offer returns up to 14 days after your purchase,  if you are not satisfied with an item. We do NOT offer returns on personal orders (example: names, dates, etc). If an item is damaged through the mail, please email me a picture of the item and we will work out the exchange with no extra cost to you. 

    Product Dimensions Length (elastic bands included) 6 .5"-Navy & yellow chevron, Pink & grey anchor, Tan/green flower, Navy & grey anchor, Blue giraffe/blue marble, Navy & pink anchor. 7"-Pink elephant/grey & pink, Owl/white paisley, Blue elephant/blue words, Barn wood/brown, Blue giraffe/grey stripe, Pink/white paisley, Blue chevron/blue marble, Pink elephant/words, Birds/grey & pink. 7.5"-Black & yellow chevron, Tan/brown, Grey stripe/white elephant. 8.5"-Owl/pink.

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