Billy Goats Gruff Rocking Goat

Wooden Rocking Goat to last generations!
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  • This Rocking Goat is one of the most intricate projects to date at Inked Woodworking, and the amount of time and work that went into making him is apparent! Everyone remembers how fascinated we were with farm animals when we were kids (well, maybe I'm dating myself a little then)!

    Kids love petting zoos, and one of the coolest, scariest things was walking around the pen with all of the goats with their horns!!! This Goat is sure to play nice, and he will last generations!!!


    Overall: 45" L 39" H 15" W

    Rockers: 45" L x 15" W

    Rockers to Seat Height: 17"


    * All handmade

    * 5 separate pieces of wood make up the Goat's body, and multiple pieces of wood were glued and cut for the ears and horns. 

    * The Hooves are separate pieces as well to add definition, and they are anchored to the rockers with screws for storage or space saving practices. 

    * The horns and ears were made from multiple pieces of wood cut and sanded to shape. 

    * He has a grin that is inviting, nostrils that you would see on a Goat, and big gold realistic Goat Eyes! 

    * I've painted him Chocolate Brown, with black for the nostrils, and I dry brushed greys and whites to get that realistic Goat Horn look that you can see on the hooves and horns. 

    * His goatee and tail are realistic Tan doll hair. 

    * I even hand turned a can on the lathe, with a soup label, that is hinged into his mouth for that comedy aspect!!! 

    * Finally, he has a copper bell to let you know he is coming, so you don't allow him to sneak up on you!!! 

    * The Rockers are made from 1 solid piece of wood and cut with anti-tip fronts and backs for the child's safety.

    * They were stained a nice Walnut to add a rustic feel to the Goat's rockers.

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