Coin Ring Pen with Wheat Penny

Money Pen, Wheat Penny Ballpoint with One Dollar Bill
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  • A handmade money pen with a wheat penny fitted on top of a simulated one dollar bill cast in clear resin. A very unique novelty ballpoint pen that is one of a kind and will make a special gift for the hard to buy for person.The wheat penny is authentic and hand crafted to fit over the pen tube precissley and still have clearance to turn the pen barrel down to size. Cast in clear resin, turned and polished to a very durable high shine.This is a twist action mechanism that can be refilled.Hardware on the pen is black with copper plated metal tip, center bands, pocket clip and top cap.This pen comes equipped with a German made Schmidt 9000 easy flow writer with black ink and medium point. This is probably in my opinion one of the best writing refills available and still staying in the ballpoint glass without jumping up to the roller balls. A regular Parker refill also fits this pen. 

    Ships to the United States within 1 - 3 days by USPS Priority Mail.

    Accepts returns within seven days after receipt.

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