Beautiful hat with sheep for children and adults Hand made in Iceland 100 Icelandic wool Wool knitted hat Christmas gift

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  • When you buy a woolen hat, you expect it to be warm and comfortable. However, a lot of modern ones aren't. So, why not go back in time to the classic option that is handmade and available to you with a Icelandic print? A unisex design – making a great gift – this can be customized to your own measurements so that you will be able to enjoy a made-for-you fit every time you put it on. From the large details to the micro ones, this is the ideal fitted woolen hat to keep you warm this winter season. • Unisex design with neutral colours • Fitted cap to your customized measurements • Handmade from 100% 2-ply Plotulopi wool

    The Specifics
    Material 100% icelandic wool

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    Bozka Bart

    Reykjanesbaer, Islandia, Iceland

    Since 2019


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