About Us

Our family consists of entrepreneurs, like-minded individuals, makers, and artists from across the globe. Baroqoo is a place for all to come together and join in a movement, a movement to keep individuality and craftsmanship alive. We strive for the inspired, one-of-a-kind finds. Alike, we strive to make those one-of-a-kind finds become meaningful to the people who buy them.

Baroqoo provides a platform for sellers to share their creative nature, and in turn, create opportunities amongst themselves. We provide buyers an array of unique items. Items to display with pride, use with joy, or gift with love. Within Baroqoo, you can buy, sell or auction items. Sellers can link all of their social media accounts, and personal website within their shops. Buyers can search, favorite, and message sellers at the click of a button. It's that easy!

Baroqoo was created to support small businesses. Our passion is for the Handmade, Unique, Vintage and Crafty creativity to thrive within our communities, and abroad. We are tired of seeing other marketplaces take advantage of their sellers by charging multiple unnecessary fees or high commissions on every sale. We believe our sellers work hard for their money, and that is why we will never lose sight of what matters the most; Our community. Baroqoo is an independent, privately owned company.  Our goal is to inspire the artistic nature and design of all. A marketplace that sets the standard for our ethos. Our dedication is to all of you, the crafty individuals, the mom & pop stores, and small handmade, vintage & crafty businesses everywhere.

We are located in the USA. International sellers are welcomed. We also have an easy ONE-Click Etsy CSV upload if interested. Transfer/copy all your listings to Baroqoo within minutes. 

From our crafty family to yours!

Baroqoo, LLC was established and based in the Kansas, USA. We would love for you to join us!

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